Workshops and Seminars

Valley Photo Center tries to be a resource to the photographic community. We have, in the past, conducted workshops and will be continuing this. Look for us to consider doing more, including field trips and cooperating with other, area resources.

1st and 3rd Thursdays

Our workshops will typically be held one day per month. We are using a 1st and 3rd method of scheduling and our meetings, competitions, workshops/seminars will be split between these.

Check About in our menu for the meeting schedule.

Workshop and Seminar Ideas

Here is a partial list of potential workshops.

  • Electronic Flash
    • studio strobes
    • portable strobes
  • Framing Workshop
  • DIY tips and techniques
  • Tabletop photography
  • Macro photography
  • Converting slides to digital
  • Portraiture
    • general posing
    • contrast ratio
    • groups (couples, family, large groups)
    • studio vs location
  • Working with natural light
  • Digital photo editing
  • Animal Photography

Mindmap View Of What’s Possible

Sometimes it’s better to see the whole picture of what’s possible. We’ve made a Coggle Diagram to get the process started. You can click here or the image below to go to our diagram page…

Too much to be able to read? …just click an you’ll go to a more readable page. Hint: when you get there, just right click for zoom control