Meet The Artists – Video Interviews

The photographers who are exhibiting their photos in the Connections/Disconnections show at VPC…

  • Jim Gambaro
  • Tom Wyatt
  • Bill Rowley
  • Bernie Kubiak
  • Bruce Khan

…sat down in front of our video camera during the past few days to talk about themselves and their work. Check out their Youtube videos here. Continue reading “Meet The Artists – Video Interviews”

How About Film School? …and it’s free!

This came around on Adobe’s Create Magazine recently…Film School Without The Crippling Debt. It’s about RocketJump and how they created a free online school for filmmakers. Now, if you’re a still photographer and film, or video, is not your thing, you may not be interested. On the other hand, if you’re wondering how to better use the video capabilities of your smartphone, or maybe you’re tempted to press that red video button on your new DSLR, it could be worth checking them out. Continue reading “How About Film School? …and it’s free!”