Live View Tech Comparison

If you shoot sports, or any kind of action sequences, you might be interested in this comparison by DP Review on the difference between the new Sony A6300 and Canon EOS 7D. One is a mirror-less camera and the other a DSLR. The former designs have always been criticized for fast moving, continuous use because of the inherent electronic viewfinder lag.

Not so much anymore.

The interesting part is in the middle of the discussion – the part about adding a black frame so as to fool the brain…

Note the way that the image doesn’t just cut to black – it fades to black then abruptly cuts to the next update. We believe this is trying to achieve something like the ‘black frame insertion’ technology used in some modern TVs: inserting a black frame prompts your brain to imagine what’s happened between the two frames it’s seen, rather than being distracted by the contradiction between perceiving a sense of movement but seeing static images.

Interesting. No?