Biking And Photographing Across America

2016-05-15 09_41_30-American Bike Project_ The Journey Begins
Map shows Tyler’s progress after only a few days.

Tyler Metcalf, a freelance photographer who worked for National Geographic as a producer, has embarked on a bicycle trip across America. If you’re old enough, you might remember the craze of the 1970’s where people would take six months off from work and ride across the United States. Routes were marked out, hostels and campgrounds became popular stops along well worn routes. Lots of photographs were made. Apparently, people are still doing it.

You can follow Tyler’s trek on his Instagram account and National Geographic has his first report online. You can follow his photographic journey  on Twitter, NatGeo’s Instagram, or Tyler’s Instagram accounts. As of today, Tyler is 24 days into his ride according to his last Instagram photo.