Exhibitions happen in two way. We invite certain photographers based on the merits of their work. We also hold open submission exhibits.

By Invitation

We arrange for some photographers to select from their portfolio of prints and images for display in our gallery. Usually, these exhibits last for one or two months and are a special recognition of the level of achievement in an individual’s body of work. In the past, we’ve included video interviews and additional image presentations on our display TV’s.

If you would like to be considered for exhibition, use the Contact form in the menu.

Open Submissions

We also have special “open” submissions during each gallery year where members of the public can submit a limited number of prints for a small fee to be exhibited in our juried gallery. These open submission shows include a reception, and we allow the general viewing public to vote for their favorites. Awards and prizes may be presented. Prints not accepted in the jury process can be included in our TV and/or website presentations.

Open submissions will be announced on our main (Home) website, on this website, and/or in our Meetup page.