Unofficial 1st Studio Portrait

My brother Art, who is a professional photographer and photography teacher from New Jersey, stopped by our studio to help me with some of the newly donated Dynalites. We determined that both work, both have a modeling light (but only one has a modeling bulb, unfortunately), and both feed off of the power pack as intended. The pack, itself, has a few ways to trigger. We were happy with its flashes popping as we fired our Nikon SB800.

While we were wrapping up, my brother noticed our Kodak Products chair and had me stand in front of our background with it as a prop. He had his Pixel phone in hand and snapped this photo. I guess it’s the first portrait to be shot in our new location. Let’s hope many more happen as we do our lecture series.

VPC Studio Update

We’ve done some more work, today, on the studio setup. Present were Casey Danek and John McCarthy. We had a guest advisor too, Clayton Sibley, who helped us decide where things should go: lights, power cords, overhead boom, and the primary photography workspace. We also took into consideration where seminar attendees would sit or stand and where we would store gear. We considered several layouts settled on this one.

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