Photography Genres For Beginners

MakeUseOf (MUD) has an article about eight genres for beginning photographers to consider. Sometime getting back to basics is a good idea. Here’s how it starts…

Even if you’ve just picked up photography as a hobby, there’s a genre for every photographer’s taste and ability. And almost every genre has multiple sub-genres.

The article covers: portrait, landscape, food, product, event, street, still-life, and abstract.

2022 NECCC Conference – last one!

According to NECCC – the New England Camera Club Council (VPC is a member) – this year’s conference will be the last in-person one they will hold. It looks like time, and Covid, have taken their tolls.

If you register before June 24th and save up to $40 – their Early Bird rate.

Check out for information.

This years lineup has some amazing photographers presenting, including Scott Kelby, Franz Lanting and Billie Wiess.

16 Types of Landscape Photography

Here’s an interesting article from PetaPixel about the different types of landscapes. The author suggests there are more. He didn’t mention, for example, anything underwater but he then says he did so because he doesn’t do underwater photography. Makes sense. Can anyone come up with other types? Use comments and tell us about it.

From an article about landscapes in PetaPixel…an interesting read.