Video Screen Grabs – really good stuff

Here’s an article from Digital Camera World about how screen grabs from modern day video cameras a so good that it can make you wonder if you need a still camera at all.

Image credited to Panasonic – a still from a video camera – that appears in the Digital Camera World article.

Film Cameras You Can Still Buy New

B&H Photo’s Explora ezine has a piece about 15 film cameras that you can still buy new. In the digital era, one might ask why. The classic answer? Why not? Certainly film has a look that you might like, and the whole process of using it, working with it and its cameras is different.

So, is Explora the final answer? …apparently not. Here’s a piece in that offers more options.

Finally, there are probably many used cameras out there that may someday become available. Lets hope the film supply keeps up.

8×10 Camera – No Film – And The Olympics

Here’s an interesting article about photographer, Jay L. Clendenin, who used an 8×10 camera to photograph athletes from this year’s Olympics. Here’s the twist, he didn’t use film. As he explains it here, film is very expensive. He uses photo paper instead.  Continue reading “8×10 Camera – No Film – And The Olympics”

B&H And Optic 2016 Conference

2016-05-12 07_19_57-OPTIC 2016 Looks like B&H is putting on quite a show at their Optic Imaging Conference in NYC next month (June 5-8). You can go there to partake, or view some of the sessions from the comfort of home. The last day takes place in their superstore, so if you’ve never been to B&H, it’ll be crowded but for sure interesting. Read about the show/conference here.